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8 Reasons to Never See a Dolphin Show Again


An average dolphin lives for 20-30 years, and a captive one only half that time, if not less. But since the show must go on, the creatures just get replaced with new ones. The audience rarely has a clue what the poor things go through, and that could be because of common dolphin show myths….

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Dolphins are smiling, and it means they’re happy 0:57

Dolphins are friendly and squint for joy 1:36

They swim in spacious pools 2:26

Dolphins are calm and non-aggressive 3:19

They’re smart mammals, so they easily perform tricks 4:23

Dolphins feel at home in aquariums and oceanariums 5:27

Traveling dolphin shows are a great way to explore wildlife 6:58

Dolphins are healers 7:55

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- They “smile” at all times – when they’re satisfied with life and when they can hardly bear it. They just can’t physically look miserable.
- No matter how large the tanks might seem to us, captive animals get access to less than 1% of the space they normally require for a healthy existence in their natural environment.
- In those small pools, the sounds bouncing off the walls can seriously affect an animal’s psyche. Add loud music, shouting, and applause (as well as a combination of other things dolphins go through in captivity), and you’ll see why they’re under constant stress.
- Dolphins are always kept slightly hungry before the session on purpose. They understand that if they don’t work hard, they won’t get any food.
- In the wild, dolphins spend most of their time and energy searching for and maintaining relationships. Keeping dolphins in an enclosed area with several other animals is like putting a person in a room with strangers and forcing them to interact.
- With each move, dolphins spend 5 to 8 days in dark tanks not much larger than the animal itself. And they’re often not alone in such tiny tanks, but share them with 1 or 2 other dolphins.
- Studies on the benefits of dolphin therapy usually don’t take into account that the effect of it, if any, is short-lived and kind of like a placebo.

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