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$8 License Plate Privacy Tip that really works! Privacy taught by a real-world Private Investigator.


Automatic License Plate Readers (ALPR’s) are used to automatically spot, photograph and record license plates. Plus, they photograph the car the plate is on! Then your license plate (and all that other information) is forever stored in a variety of databases. Remember, this records and stores the precise location (within a few yards!) of where your car was spotted.

There are a variety of reasons ALPR's are dangerous to your privacy and you can read about them on my blog right here:

But, for now, let’s look at one sure way to defeat the historic search function on these privacysucking databases!

Pro Tip: Get a new license plate every year.

Sure, it costs a few extra dollars to get a new license plate rather than simply getting a new validation sticker, but your new plate has no history in the database! If I run your plate now, I might come up with nothing or only a couple of locations rather than nine!

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