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60 Happy Sleeping Cats

1001 Paws Animal Shelter TV

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Join 60 rescued cats for 60 minutes while they sleep and relax at our 1001 Paws Animal Shelters. This mediation TV video is for cats to watch, relax and be calm.

Calming Music for Cats with Anxiety! Deep Soothing Music for Anxious, ill and Stressed Cats!

Our music and videos are perfect for lonely cats or those that suffer from anxiety and stress. Use this meditation calming video and music when you leave the house if your cat becomes anxious or destructive, you will return to a calm and happy cat due to this tried and tested natural remedy music therapy!

We work with thousands of stray, abandoned and rescued cats and have extensive experience of how music therapy can help keep cats calm, happy and healthy. Our music and Calm TV will help cats of all breeds and ages to stay relaxed and keep calm.

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All videos in this channel are recorded at our nokill animal sanctuaries where we treat all life as sacred. These animals in our videos are rescued. Some were abandoned and found in terrible conditions.

1001 Paws is a nonprofit organisation operating shelters for thousands of animals in the Middle East and North Africa. Please subscribe to our channels to help us save more animals.

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Starring: Rescued Cats at 1001 Paws NoKill Animal Shelters
Producer: Ahmed Salim
Camera: Younas Momand
Music: Epidemic Sound Library

posted by Siwolofu3z