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50 Cat-Breeds that Cat Lover Must Know: PART 1


The List of CatBreed and Country Origin

Breed Country

Abyssinian Asia
Aegean Greece
American Bobtail United States
American Curl United States
American Ringtail United States
American Shorthair United States
American Wirehair United States
Aphrodite Giant Cyprus
Arabian Mau Arabian Peninsula
Asian cat Developed in the United Kingdom (foundation stock from Asia)
Asian Semilonghair United Kingdom
Australian Mist Australia
Balinese Developed in the United States[5] (foundation stock from Thailand)
Bambino United States
Bengal Developed in the United States, but created in Asia
Birman Developed in France (foundation stock from Burma (Myanmar))
Bombay United States and Burma (Myanmar)
Brazilian Shorthair Brazil
British Longhair United Kingdom (England)
British Shorthair United Kingdom (England)
Burmese Burma (Myanmar)
Burmilla United Kingdom (England)
California Spangled United States
ChantillyTiffany United States
Chartreux France
Chausie United States
Colorpoint Shorthair United Kingdom (England)
Cornish Rex United Kingdom (England)
Cymric, Manx Longhair and Longhaired Manx[b] United Kingdom (Isle of Man), United States, and Canada 
Cyprus Cyprus
Devon Rex United Kingdom (England)
Donskoy or Russia
Don Sphynx
Dragon Li or China
Chinese Li Hua
Egyptian Mau Egypt
European Shorthair Continental Europe
Exotic Shorthair United States
Foldex[6] Canada
German Rex Germany
Havana Brown United Kingdom (England) (foundation stock from Thailand)
Highlander United States
Himalayan or United States and United Kingdom
Colorpoint Persian
Japanese Bobtail Japan
Javanese or Developed in the United States[5] and Canada (foundation stock from Southeast Asia)
Colorpoint Longhair
Kanaani Germany
Khao Manee Thailand
Kinkalow United States
Korat Thailand
Korean Bobtail Korea
Korn Ja Thailand
Kurilian Bobtail or Eastern Russia and Japan
Kuril Islands Bobtail
Lambkin United States
LaPerm United States
Lykoi United States
Maine Coon United States
Manx United Kingdom (Isle of Man)
Mekong Bobtail Russia
Minskin United States
Napoleon United States
Munchkin United States
Nebelung United States
Norwegian Forest Cat Norway
Ocicat United States
Ojos Azules United States
Oregon Rex United States
Oriental Bicolor Developed in the United States and United Kingdom, later in Continental Europe (foundation stock ultimately from Thailand)
Oriental Longhair[g] or Developed in the United States and United Kingdom (foundation stock ultimately from Thailand)
Foreign Longhair;
British Angora (obsolete)
Oriental Shorthair[g] Developed in the United States and United Kingdom (foundation stock ultimately from Thailand)[5]
Persian (modern) Developed in the United States and Europe (foundation stock from Greater Iran)[5]
Persian (traditional) Greater Iran
Peterbald Russia
Pixiebob United States
Ragamuffin or United States
Liebling (obsolete)
Ragdoll United States
Raas Indonesia
Russian Blue Russia
Russian White, Black, and Tabby Developed in Australia (foundation stock from Russia)
Sam Sawet Thailand
Savannah United States
Scottish Fold United Kingdom (Scotland)
Selkirk Rex United States
Serengeti United States
Serrade Petit France
Siamese (modern) Developed in the United States and Europe (foundation stock from Thailand)
(for traditional, see Thai below)
Siberian or Russia, Ukraine
Siberian Forest Cat;
Neva Masquerade (colorpoint variety)
Singapura Developed in the United States (foundation stock from Singapore)[5]
Snowshoe United States
Sokoke Kenya
Somali United States, Canada
Sphynx Canada, Europe
Suphalak Thailand
Thai or Thailand
Traditional, Classic, or Oldstyle Siamese;
Wichien Maat
Thai Lilac, Thai Blue Point and Thai Lilac Point Thailand
Tonkinese Canada, United States
Toyger United States
Turkish Angora Turkey
Turkish Van Developed in the United Kingdom (England) (foundation stock from Turkey)
Turkish Vankedisi Turkey
Ukrainian Levkoy Ukraine
Wila Krungthep Thailand
York Chocolate New York

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