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5 Years of Courage - A VALR Documentary (Live Premiere)


Watch the live premiere of "5 Years of Courage," an inspiring documentary that uncovers VALR's journey over the years, driven by courage.

Explore VALR's history, vision, values, and future as our founders and team members share their stories and insights from the past 5 years.

00:00 Introduction of the VALR team
06:24 Live Premiere of '5 Years of Courage A VALR Documentary'
18:46 Documentary Reflection
21:54 The Courage to Start VALR
27:01 Key Lessons Learned from a Regulatory and Compliance Perspective Over the Years
30:29 The Courage to Build VALR & Build on VALR
34:11 Serving Our Customers
38:41 The Future of VALR
45:04 AMA (Ask Me Anything) with the VALR Team
1:05:42 Thank you for joining us!

posted by beelwimiaw