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5 Children’s Riddles That Are Too Hard for 95% of Adults


5 Simple But Brilliant Riddles That Most of Adults Can't Solve. Only a true genius can solve them all in less than a minute. And only 17% of people can solve the last one.

We decided to stretch your brain a little and see if you can come with five children’s puzzles. Did you manage to keep your brain as young as a child’s?
You will have 20 seconds for each task! (pause the video if you need more time to think).

Chess players 0:50
A box of chocolates 1:43
Task of intelligence 3:06
A missing letter 4:18
Holey T-shirt 5:13

- Two people are playing chess. They played five games, but according to the results, each player scored three wins. How could this happen?
- There are 50 chocolate candies in the box. 30 of them come with caramel filling, 25 with coconut, 10 of them are two-flavored candies with caramel and coconut, and the rest of them are just chocolate candies with no filling. Which diagram reflects the box of chocolates correctly?
- A bottle of water and a bar of chocolate cost $11. Chocolate costs $10 more than water. How much does water cost?
- Your task is to figure out what letter in this row is missing.
- How many holes does this T-shirt have? The right answer is...

How many puzzles did you manage to solve? It's believed that only 17% of people can answer the last question correctly and only 5% of people can solve all these riddles.

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