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5 Cat Breeds That Stay SMALL and CUTE FOREVER!

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No one can resist the big eyes and playful personality of an adorable kitten. They make people smile and melt hearts. Sadly, kittens grow up fast and don't stay small for long. Even though adult cats are wonderful, we often miss the fun kitten days.well let's be honest. It's hard to define exact small breeds because even big cats can have an occasional small kitten. But some breeds tend to be smaller overall. If you want to know top 5 cat breeds that stay small and tiny like a kitten, this video is all yours. Singapuras, and Siamese are small cat breeds. But there are even more small cats that keep their kitten look and playfulness.
Here are 5 adorable small cat breeds that will be impossible not to fall in love with. So stay tuned!

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