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5 African Cichlid PROBLEMS | Are They WORTH IT?

Cichlid Charmer

African cichlids can be very troubling for the average fish keeper. If you're not used to all the problems (not limited to African cichlid aggression) having an African cichlid tank can put you through, then these fish will take some getting used to, and they might honestly be too much for you to deal with. I'll tell you five reasons to stay away from African cichlid fish, and I'll also tell you why I, and other African cichlid keepers, still have them and love them. Additional note: the fish in the growout tank are johnstoni, not livingstonii

Cichlid Charmer is dedicated to sharing the joy of keeping African cichlids and American cichlids and sharing information about them. Much of my content is not cichlid fish specific, however. It also pertains to all tropical fish aquariums. I will share what I have learned about cichlids and other fish, and everyone is welcomed to comment with their own experiences and information about fish and aquarium practices in general.

0:00 Intro
0:19:07 Problem One
04:01:22 Problem Two
05:48:15 Problem Three
08:05:24 Problem Four
10:08:28 Problem Five
11:52:08 Not All Bad!
13:03:22 Conclusion
13:27:07 Nuchisquamulatus

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