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4Knines vs The Competition - 2021 Dog Seat Covers Comparison

4Knines® In this video Jim from 4Knines reviews why he believes that 4Knines dog and pet seat covers are the best on the market. A deep dive into 4Knines vs 3 very popular competitors. The comparison goes into the seat covers' features and construction.

Here is some information from the 4Knines FAQ page:


Regular covers (54" wide) are recommended for most cars, small trucks, and standard size SUVs.

Extra Large covers (60" wide) are recommended for fullsize trucks and oversized SUVs.

Can I Use My Seat Belts?

All 4Knines® rear seat covers allow access to outer seat belts. If you need the middle seat belt, check out our SPLIT rear seat cover options.

What's So Special About The SPLIT Seat Cover?

Our patented Split Rear Seat Cover allows access to all three seat belts and offer ultimate flexibility (60/40 split, 50/50 split, center cargo passthrough).

How Do I Clean My Cover?

Hose it down, wipe down with a moist towel, or toss it in the washer to keep it looking fresh and clean. Note: Machine wash on gentle cycle with cold water and allow to air dry (no agitator, please).

Will These Covers Damage My Upholstery?

Our colorfast fabric and nonslip backing have a working temperature up to 140°F. As a precaution, consider removing the cover if it gets wet or on extremely hot days as temperatures can exceed 140°F in an enclosed car.

Are There Harmful Chemicals In the Covers?

Our covers contain no AZO dyes and no heavy metals like lead, arsenic, or mercury.

Are the Covers Waterproof?

Our seat covers are made from waterproof material. Small spills, snow, rain, and mud should be contained on the cover. Seams, velcro openings, and zippers are not watertight.

What's the Difference Between the Bed Liner & Bed Cover?

Our Dog Bed Liner protects the interior of your dog's bed. Remove the bed's outer cover, place insert into liner, and replace the outer cover.

Our Dog Bed Cover is a slipcover designed to protect the outside of your dog's bed. Insert the entire dog bed and zip it closed.

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