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4K TV For Cats | Blue Spruce and Begonias | Bird and Squirrel Watching | Video 35

Blue Wind Creations

Trying out another video with natural sound. We live near multiple busy roads, so along with the animals you will also hear the commotion of passing traffic in the background. This time of year (late Summer, early Fall) we see less of the animals outside and at our feeders. Around where we live the animals have ample amounts of food available elsewhere from nature and local farms. Plenty of bugs, fruit, seeds, nuts etc. It makes this a good time to release a video with footage recorded last Spring!

Some notable moments in the video:
An Eastern Cottontail Rabbit stops by for a quick visit at 00:17:30
An American Crow comes in at 00:22:12 to see how many hazelnuts it can take at once
At 01:58:45 a Blue Jay shows off how it expertly cleans its beak
At 03:31:54 a Black Squirrel decides it doesn't like Grackles

Original footage recorded on April 24, 2023.

Welcome to Blue Wind Creations!

On this channel you will find videos of birds, squirrels, and other critters that visit our yard. If you have an interest in birding or watching wild animals enjoying some food, this may be a good channel for you! Cats love these videos and we hope you enjoy relaxing while watching them too!

All of the videos on this channel are original and unique. We record each video over the course of a day. We go through the footage and edit the full day so that you get to watch all of the good parts with animals present! The audio from each video is edited and enhanced in an attempt to remove road noise and other loud sounds. None of the footage is reused or looped.

If you or your pet enjoys a video, please let us know in the comments section and give it a thumbs up. If you would like to see new videos when they come out, please subscribe to this channel and turn on notifications!

We hope you enjoy this window view to the outside world!

posted by so1lyaxa