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【4K HDR】Walk in Nara Park with Deer (奈良散歩) - Summer 2020


Nara park is famous for their wild deer roaming around. You can buy small crackers called shika senbei to feed to the deer. Due to the lack of tourists, many of the deer were very hungry, and seemed to be more aggressive than usual towards anyone with treats for them. They even nip at your butt or clothes haha. When no one is around, they can be found grazing on grass, but there are some younger deer who were raised on a consistent diet of the delicious crackers, they were crying out loud instead of eating grass... I bought some shika senbei and tried feeding them, but was too scared with them all charging at me to properly play with them. Usually you can have the deer bow for you before you give them the cracker, but i ended up just running around, and throwing the senbei towards them

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00:00 Deer Feeding + Intro
00:37 Deer on the street
01:33 Feeding frenzy
03:06 Grazing on grass
11:35 Walk to Todaiji

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posted by serinacylai8r