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4 Mystery Riddles That Will Test Your Intelligence


How to keep your brain sharp and fit? How to get smarter every week? The answer is simple: all you have to do is exercise your brain regularly just like you should exercise your body. You don't necessarily have to multiply 10digit numbers in your head. Sometimes, all it takes is one picture with a hidden explanation behind it. Try solving 4 super tricky mysterious riddles that will give your brain the proper workout it needs.

Riddle #1. On the River 0:39
Riddle #2. Christmas Mystery 2:47
Riddle #3. Apartment Complex in New York 5:04
Riddle #4. Hot Summer Day 7:45


It was a hot summer day, but Inspector Varnike was on duty. The detective, along with his assistant, was chasing a dangerous criminal. Following in his footsteps, they found themselves on the shore of a small but very deep and rapid river. The inspector and his assistant saw some swimmers and asked them if they’ve seen the criminal. When one of the guys offered his boat to chase the criminal across the river, the inspector decided to interrogate him instead. Who is the criminal?
Inspector Varnike came to see the guy who supposedly robbed his neighbor’s apartment while he was at a Christmas party at his place. One look at the apartment helped him realize the neighbor didn’t rob the other neighbor. How was it possible?
In an apartment complex typical for New York, there are 100 married couples. If a wife finds out that her husband is cheating on her, she kills him the following morning. Someone anonymously sends an email to all of the wives in the building saying that at least 1 man is cheating on his wife in the building. How many husbands will be killed, and how long will it take?
It was a hot summer day, and a police detective decided to catch a little sun by the banks of a river. Suddenly, he heard a woman crying. She told him someone had stolen the bracelet that was very important to her. The inspector realized that only one of the regular visitors to the beach could have taken the bracelet. These people had now formed a thick wall all around the inspector. He looked at them, and within a moment understood who could have taken it. How did he guess who did it?

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posted by Kramekgg