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99% of Japanese Bobtail Owners Don't Know This (Maneki Neko)

Cats Wiz

Did you know that the Japanese Bobtail is one of the oldest naturally occurring cat breeds in the world? But how did these unique cats find their way to Japan?

Hello cat lovers! Embark on a journey into the enchanting world of Maneki Neko and Japanese Bobtail cat facts a delightful exploration of feline luck and charm.

Unveil the story behind the iconic Maneki Neko lucky cat, known as the luckiest cat in the world. Discover the Japanese Bobtail cat's unique traits, from their elegant meowing to their captivating singing.

Curious about Japanese Bobtail kittens and their playful antics? Dive into a world of knowledge with Japanese Bobtail Cats 101. Explore the dynamic between Japanese Bobtail and American Bobtail cats.


posted by jeuxvideoblogjp