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35 Ruthless When Dogs Are Attacked By Tigers Leopards Lions... | Animal Fight

The Gecko

35 Ruthless When Dogs Are Attacked By Tigers, Leopards, Lions... | Animal Fight

Dogs are known for their agility, ability to react quickly, flexibility in movement
But sometimes dogs also encounter unexpected dangers that visit without warning
35 Ruthless When Dogs Are Attacked By Tigers, Leopards, Lions...
A tiger just saw the appearance of the dog, it rushed towards the dog to attack
Lucky for the dog when the tiger was stopped by his owner
A tiger is resting under the shade of a tree
Suddenly a dog passed by, the tiger suddenly woke up
The fight broke out, the tiger approached the stranger, the dog started barking fiercely
With the strength many times greater than the dog, the tiger quickly grabbed the prey
Tiger easily has a meal for himself, it takes its prey away and enjoys the meal
A dog is curled up in front of the door, sleeping soundly
it did not detect the presence of the nearby leopard
The leopard stood and watched the dog's every move for a while, it decided to bite the prey's neck
When the dog realized the presence of the leopard, it was too late
The dog struggled as hard as he could to escape the predator
Leopards quickly pull their prey away before humans notice it
Two dogs are panicking when they discover a large crocodile is approaching
While looking for a way to run, one of the two was unlucky, it slipped and slowly fell into the crocodile's mouth
The dog then tried to escape but couldn't make it.

The video uses some cleverly edited footage for the purpose of showing the audience the possible outcomes for wild animals in the wild and is not intended to alter the facts.

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This research was conducted by: Dr. Amelia
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Geographic coordinates: 40.184185,111.623613
Mother's maiden name: Thompson
Date of birth: October 26th, 1978
Age: 44 years old.

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