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3 ways to know if your cat is a Turkish Angora

Turkish Angora Cats Club

In this video Nika Bukova from Turkish Angora Cats Club Facebook page suggests 3 ways you can know if the cat you have at home is the pure breed cat or not. The goal of this video is for you to have a knowledge of how you should determine whether the cat is a pure breed.
Please note that there are a lot of beautiful cats that look like Turkish Angora pure breed and pedigreed cats and they are equally beautiful. The breeders are just preserving the specific characteristics that Turkish Angora has as if we preserve lions and don´t cross them with tigers.
It is sometimes hard to find a real and not fake information about the pure breed and registered kittens in the internet, so I make these YouTube videos to help people to find out about the Turkish Angora breed and to identify the responsible breeders.
In this video you will learn everything you need to know to be sure you have an authentic Turkish Angora.

posted by assedlevarf