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3 Cool Cardboard Crafts That Will Knock Your Socks Off

SLICK SLIME SAM - DIY, Comedy, Science

Cardboard ideas for your pets!!! Easy and simple DIY projects!

CARDBOARD + PETS + DIY = 10000000000000 FUN TIMES!

Slime Sam and his pet humans cannot live without cardboard crafts. They always come up with creative ideas for DIY projects and build them together. You should totally try it too! The tools and supplies they use are very simple and most likely you already have everything you need at home.

The most important things that you'll need for pretty much any cardboard craft:

lots and lot of corrugated cardboard;

hot glue;

rulers and measuring tape;

markers, pens, pencils;

box cutter or an office knife;

bamboo sticks;

popsicle sticks;

rubber bands;


REMEMBER, safety comes first! Always ask an adult to help you with a project if it requires using sharp objects or hot glue! Not only it'll be safe for you but it also brings you and your family closer and you will have so much fun together! Let your parents be kids again;)

0:10 How to build a maze for a cat at home

Cats are very curious creatures and they love exploring everything new around them. Very often you can see your cat running around like crazy or bouncing off the walls. You know why cats do that? We think it's because they are so bored with these few walls they have to live in! Not a lot of people take cats outside but they want to play and have some fun and see something new. Well, create this opportunity for your furry friend by building a giant labyrinth from cardboard There's a small chance your cat will not want to play there but they all like empty boxes so take a chance!

8:05 How to make an obstacle course for a hamster

Do you have a hamster? And you don't know how else you can entertain it? We got a great DIY solution for you! Build a maze a.k.a. obstacle course for your restless pet! Hamsters need to keep themselves busy, this is their lifestyle and if they don't have a hamster wheel or anything else to do they might become sad and even depressed. This little DIY project will keep them busy for hours. Also, unlike rats, hamsters have a short memory so every time they go through your handmade toy labyrinth it'll be a new experience for them!

17:44 How to feed a dog without touching dog's food

It's no secret dogs love to eat. Sometimes too much. Build this fantastic dog feeder out of cardboard and teach your dog how to use it. It's super simple, pushing a lever will give your dog a new portion of food in their bowl. But make sure you control how much food there's in the dispenser or they can eat too much :D

Your dog will bark you THANK YOU!

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This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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No animals were harmed in the making of this video.

Our cutie pets are kept in favorable living conditions. Each of them has its own home, tasty food and medical care. And every day we are trying to give them a lot of warmth and care from us.

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