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23 Fascinating Jobs Around The World | Big Business Marathon | Business Insider

Business Insider

From butter artisans, to the sculptors building clay models for car companies like Ford, to the wig makers for films and TV shows, we traveled the globe to learn about the world’s most fascinating jobs.

00:00 Intro
00:00:26 Clay Car Modeler
00:08:34 Butter Artisan
00:23:31 Smithsonian Bird Specialist
00:32:42 Food Commercial Designer
00:42:13 Cork Harvester
00:46:35 Cruise Ship Chef
01:00:27 Wind Turbine Technician
01:10:07 Art Conservator
01:18:30 Airplane Boneyard Manager
01:26:07 Cactus Bug Farmer
01:39:30 Airline Chef
01:50:38 Waterfowl Protection Specialist
02:00:55 Illegal Agriculture Officer
02:08:30 Hyperrealistic Wigmaker
02:18:36 Jet Engine Mechanic
02:26:22 SemiTruck Crash Tester
02:31:07 Wagashi Maker
02:42:19 Smithsonian Collections Manager
02:54:24 Deep Sea Miner
03:07:50 Farrier
03:14:29 Used Rolex Dealer
03:27:15 Luxury Fedora Maker
03:39:16 Photogrammetrist For Video Games
03:48:50 Credits

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23 Fascinating Jobs Around The World | Big Business Marathon | Business Insider

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