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2020.02.11~2020.02.18 Ato's discharge from hospital then readmission

김마미네 똥고양이Kim Mothers cats

Hello this is Kim Mother's Cat.

I contain the stories until 2.18 that admissions and discharges on my video.

At first, I grateful to my heavenly father GOD for answering to my pray.
and thank you for my faster and church family also.
thank you for my Ato endure many crisis. and thank you for my bettering family gives me many power and helps.
I appreciate the vets and veterinary nurses try for try to treat my Ato and mabin for donating her talent for Ato's cost.
love and thank you my Kim mom, boss Han, my kitties.

The mugs will be shipped to you in early march generally as these are examined by us one by one.
( I would appreciate it if you order with time to wait)

☕Mugs have two types✌

1.lovely white peddle brother and sister BERRYATO mug
2. LUNA mug has goat of darkness inside

Mug 1 (berryato or luna) 15,000 won (it includes delivery cost)
Mug 1 set (berryato and luna) 28,000 won (it includes delivery cost)

when you order only Luna 1 +Berryato 1 you can buy with set cost 28,000
(e.g. berryato 2 mugs 30,000 won , luna 3 mugs 45,000 won)

13002156136431 농협(NH) HanX
After you deposit in this count you have to send me email surely.!

!! please write this information on email !!
* depositor's name
* deposit amount
* If you buy a mug you have to write it is berryato or luna
* If you buy a set you have to write ' SET' (e.g. I want 2 sets)
* address, phone number, name

this account is only for goods
donation account is on the information.

I'm really thank you for letting me carry on making goods and mabin for designing characters and caring about goods
Thank My heavenly father has ato's life for making my Ato endure everyday...

Thank you for watching this Kim mother's video today :)

instagram : 12cat_mom
(there are kitties stories more :) )

donation account 95700046401011 IBK HanX
PayPal [email protected]
all of your contributions will be used to cat. thank you :)

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