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2 Hours Of The Most Surprising Animal Stories You’ll Ever See! | Dodo Kids | Animal Videos For Kids

Dodo Kids

You won’t believe these incredible animal stories! From a dog obsessed with a rock to a penguin who is afraid of water, animals surprise us every day, and we love each and every one.

For more special Dodo Kids videos, check out 85 minutes of animals who are absolutely OBSESSED with each other! ➡    • 85 Minutes Of Animals Who Are Absolut...  

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Special Thanks to:
Bea, Peggy, Crystal, The Hospital Cats & Look Ahead Vet

Tobi and Maggie

The Dark Lord & Amanda

Spud & Laura

Tuna & Cinthia

Lenny & Emily

Natalia, Carlos & Borja
Orca Peru

Calvin & Amy

Trekkie, Greg & Kayla


Kevin & Elysse

Dustin, Tayto & Ailish

Lou, Maya & Carson

Snoop & Elliot

Lilo, Winnie & Kyle

Ari & Liz

Jasper, Jade, Siarra & Patrick

Blueberry & Keanna

Pearl & Alicia

Ali Thompson & Bunny

Seamus, Donna, Sabrina & Christopher

Storm & Stephanie

Amber Westphal

Kitty, Michael and Panda
Wallis Annenberg PetSpace
Mario – @theladogstylist
Rita Earl Blackwell

Annika Helmer & the Butterfly

Chowder & Jami

Camper & Leo

Moxie, Pixie, Dobby, Simba & Martina
@moxie_the_shortkie @thenomadcats


Miles, Megan, Danny, Courtney & Kerstin
@megallen @asafefurrplaceaniamlrescue
@madloveanimalrescie @k9academyintl

Mr. Bigglestworth

Cody, Duck & Bimini

Egbert & Elora

Snacks, Jeff, Wild Souls Rehabilitation, Rehab Deb & Dr. Chris

Sage, Samm & Alexis

Aydan, Beau & Lydia

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