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1938 Pontiac Coupe Start To Finish Build

Halfass Kustoms

This is a condensed version of the 43 videos in the playlist for the 1938 Pontiac. The transformation from a bush car to what you see in the bottom took around 7 months in my spare time to build.

00:00 Intro
01:56 Welding the roof up.
09:50 Installing Camaro clip
13:11 Installing Camaro Diff in the car.
15:30 Installing Chevy 5.3 LS Motor
21:14 Installing floors in the car
22:08 Installing pedal assembly
23:16 Engine turning a custom firewall
25:36 installing a fuel tank in the Pontiac.
27:34 Modifying a Mustang radiator to fit the LS
28:32 Custom Dash insert for the Speedway gauges.
29:38 Modifying custom headlights for the Pontiac.
32:04 Chopping vent windows
35:03 Chopping Garnish moldings
36:40 Rebuilding glove box door
38:28 Dent repair on the trunk.
43:43 Stripping the paint off the car and doing dent repair
45:53 Starting body work.
50:03 Prep car for Paint
55:05 Upholster interior.
59:59 Driving the Pontiac coupe.

posted by or1kes21