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12 Secrets Your Cat Knows About You

Jaw-Dropping Facts

We all know cats are intelligent animals, but have we really given felines enough credit for just how smart they are? Turns out, our cats know a lot more about us than we realize. In this video, we will talk about 12 things your cat knows about you.

Cats know where their owners are
Scientists have learned that cats use sounds to keep track of where you are in the house, even when you’re out of sight. Cats have a whopping 32 muscles in each of their ears, which allow them to swivel and rotate to pinpoint the source of a noise.
Domestic cats create “mental maps” that track where their owner is located based on the direction of certain sounds.
Your cat knows you’re talking to them
Cats may be the masters of indifference, but new research suggests that they are in fact fully aware when they are being directly addressed by their human.A study published in the journal Animal Cognition has shown that cats alter their behavior when they hear the recordings of their owners’ voices speaking to them. So holding that oneway conversation with your cat isn’t as crazy as you might think. Your cat will pick up on your tone and affection
Cats know when you are angry or sad
Cats can understand when their owners are angry or sad through the subtle changes in their facial expressions and body language.
A study by Oakland University researchers revealed that cats are more likely to show “positive” behaviors such as purring if they see that their owner is smiling. Frowning on the other hand was met with less enthusiasm. And if you're stressed, it's common for cats to become stressed in response.
They know they’re going to the vet
Cats are creatures of habit who thrive on routine. Even small changes to their environment or routine can be quite upsetting to them.
Cats hate it when you take them to the vet, so they have learnt to pick up on all the clues when a visit to the vet is about to happen. Your cat knows you're going to take them to the veterinary office because you take the carrier out or you may be a little more nervous than usual so they may try to hide.
They know you fall for their manipulations
Recent studies suggest that cats have refined their meows specifically to manipulate people—and it works!
When they want something, cats will often purr in a plaintive way, or make highpitched, hardtoignore meows that their owners find difficult to ignore.
What’s more is that cats don’t make those meows at other cats. For the most part, cats meow only to communicate with humans.
Cats know when you're sick
Some diseases cause chemical changes in our bodies, which can produce unique smells that some animals can identify in a person's breath or skin. Cats and dogs have an acute sense of smell, and so have the ability to sniff out a chemical change in a human body caused by a disease.
Another instance where cats sense hormonal changes is when we are pregnant. Cats can sense these hormonal changes and act differently in response, often becoming clingy and attentive.
They recognize your voice.
Your cat can tell you apart from outsiders based your voice.
A study conducted by scientists at the University of Tokyo found that cats can recognize recordings of their owners’ voices and tell them apart from strangers’ voices.
Your cats knows when you are afraid
One amazing skill that your cat possesses is the ability to sense fear. When we are fearful, we change a bit. We breathe heavily, we tense up, our pupils dilate, and perhaps we tremble a little. It's on full display and our pets can sense that.
Plus, when we are scared, our bodies secrete a series of hormones, one of which is called adrenaline, and our cat’s powerful nose is able to smell it. Cats often mirror our emotions and get nervous or tense when we feel anxious or afraid.
You are coming home
Cats have a builtin internal clock that guides many aspects of their lives.
Cats internalize our schedule because it's important to their routine. If we always leave and come back at the same time, it's common for our cat to be waiting to welcome us when we return.
And even if you get home at an odd hour, your cat can pick out the sound of your particular car coming down the street, and they are always listening for it.
Where you have been
A cat’s sense of smell is 14 times better than that of humans, which makes it very easy for your cat to keep tabs on you! You pick up scents from everything you touch or everywhere you walk by. Cats can tell if you've been in a grocery store, at work or if you have visited a friend who has a cat of their own.
They know when you call their name
A study published in the journal Scientific Reports showed that cats do know their names—even when it is called by a stranger. In fact, cats may also know the names of the people living in their household.
Cats know that your baby is weak
Cats are intelligent animals and have very strong maternal instincts. They know your little one is dependent and the most vulnerable.

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