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12 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Tabby Cat

John Bern

The tabby cat is not actually considered a cat breed – the term really refers to a description of the pattern seen on the cat. They can be any kind of breed, really. Tabby Cats 10 Quick Facts - Cat Breeds Encyclopedia. We Share Our Home With Two Bobcats | BEAST BUDDIES. Things About White Cats And Superstitions. 13 Unbelievable Great Dane Cross Breeds You Have To See. Shelter Tabby Cat Got a Hold of a Woman’s Shirt and Wouldn’t Let Go. Cow asks man to rescue her newborn calf. 7 Signs Your Cat Actually Loves You. Cutest Tabby Cat Kneading and Purring. Happy Cat. 77 Cat Breeds in 4 and a half minutes - phew! Go Gaga Over a Tabby Cat and Its Unique Personality Traits. How I Trained My Cats. Beau Nugget The Cat Starts His Difficult Weight Loss Journey | My Big Fat Pet Makeover. Short Hair Makrel Tabby Cat Review. Top 10 Most Friendliest Cat Breeds. 12 Things Your Dog Hates About You.

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