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11 Reasons Russian Blue Cats are awesome compilation. Funny, cute, and smart Russian Blue cats!

For the Love of Cat!

Watch great Russian Blue cats and kittens frolic, play, jump, and just be awesome in this video.
A Russian blue cats and kittens:
- Sticks his tongue out making faces. He’s so funny and cheers us up.
- Rubs up affectionately with his canine friend.
- Plays with a tablet catching a mouse.
- Steals a printout paper from the computer printer and runs away with it.
- Face flops around Makes funny faces… especially when seen in slow motion!
- Tricks us in to looking at something that isn’t there
- Have a playful fun wrestling session together
- Are easy going road trip buddies.
- Are really good at catching reflections… and then making a mess!!!
- Fluff bed covers (okay… actually attempting to tear them!!)
- Are just so adorable.

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