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11 Rarest Cat Breeds In The World

Epic Wildlife

From rare and unique felines to incredible house cats you’ve never heard of before, here are the rarest cat breeds in the world.

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11. The Serval
The serval is a beautiful wild cat native to the central and southern African grasslands. They are smaller, slender cats with extra long necks and long legs, so they are also known as giraffe cats!! They have to be careful of leopards, wild dogs, and hyenas who are out to get them.

10: The American Wirehair
The American Wirehair cat is one of the rarest house breeds in the world, and yet they don't actually look that unique. They are typical of their ancestors, which were the original cats bred to keep rodents out of barns and houses – but they have a peculiar coat of hair. The breed first appeared in 1966 when a kitten was found in a litter that had a wiry look to it.

9: Turkish Van
The Turkish Van has been around for centuries. These cats are playful and energetic, and they have extremely unique tails that make them very desirable cats. They almost have raccoon tails. Turkish Van cats are bigger than normal, they don't have very many medical issues, and they're surprisingly good swimmers.

8: Maine Coon
The Maine coon is one of America’s very own cat breeds. It hails from Maine, and dates as far back as the beginning of the 19th century. They were first popularized as mousers, farm cats, and cats that lived on ships to try and hunt down all the disgusting rats. These cats are absolutely enormous.

7: Bengal Cat
The Bengal cat is probably the most desirable rare cat in the world. Everyone wants one of these exotic house cats. They are huge, agile, and have extremely muscular bodies. If there was any house cat that belonged in the jungle, it would definitely be the Bengal. However, these cats are a lot friendlier than any kind of jungle predator.

6: Minskin
I bet you haven't heard of the Minskin cat. These little kitties are super bizarre. They obviously look a lot like a sphynx cat, but they aren't quite the same. They have a lot more fur than the hairless sphinx. The Minskin has super short legs with a stocky body, sort of like a corgi, and they are completely hairless on their belly.

5: Devon Rex
The Devon Rex is another rare cat with an unusual appearance. They have a rather triangular head with large eyes and extremely big ears. Some people say the Devon Rex looks a lot like a pixie or an elf in cat form. They also have extremely unusual hair. They have a distinct lack of fur in some areas, with the rest of their coat being soft and curly.

4: LaPerm Cat
The LaPerm cat is also known as the Dalles LaPerm. The very first LaPerm litter was born in 1982 in a cherry orchard in Oregon, making this breed one of the newest and rarest. It's best known for its distinct appearance, having tightly curled hair around the neck, ears, and tails. Because the LaPerm is a direct result of a random genetic mutation, they can be found in a variety of different colors and patterns.

3: Peterbald
In my personal opinion, Peterbald cats are the strangest cat breed in the world. There is something way too human about their face, although others claim they're very doglike. These cats originate from Russia, and are fiercely loyal and extremely affectionate. This type of cat is notorious for following humans around the house, meowing constantly, and living for a ridiculous amount of time.

2: Sokoke
The Sokoke is another lifetime cat, living longer than most dogs. But it is extremely rare. It's rarer than most of the rarest Ferraris! As of 2020, it is believed that there are currently less than 30 Sokoke cats currently registered in the United Kingdom, and even less in the United States. However, this number is likely to grow exponentially in the coming years.

1: Caracal
While not a housecat by any means, the caracal is still an amazing feline! And they have one of the most interesting histories. The caracal was once trained to hunt birds in Iran and India, hundreds of years ago. This is because the caracal has a fantastic jumping range, able to leap into the air and knock down 10 to 12 birds in a single go.

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