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100 GK quiz for Kids | Quiz Time | GK questions and answers |

AAtoons Kids

100 GK quiz for Kids | Quiz Time | GK questions and answers |  @AAtoons Kids  ​


AAtoons Kids
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0:00 Introduction
0:12 Which part of the body has all the sense organs?
0:25 What is the colour of leaf when it dries?
0:38 Name a season in which leaves fall from trees?
0:48 On Freezing water turns into?
0:59 Which flower faces the sun?
1:10 A person who goes to the space is called?
1:18 How many days are there in fortnight?
1:31 Which animal carries the baby in its pouch?
1:44 What fuel do we fill in cars?
1:52 The Tadpole grows into a
2:03 How many planets do we have in solar system?
2:21 Where do we find zebra crossing?
2:31 What is the shape of a piece of pizza?
2:43 Which fruit comes in bunch?
2:55 Which is the largest land animal?
3:05 Which is the tallest animal?
3:14 Which bird can run very fast?
3:25 Which bird has beautiful feathers?
3:36 Traffic light of which colour tells us to wait?
3:44 Which star shines during the day?
3:55 How many sides does a pentagon have?
4:13 Which tool we use to cut the paper?
4:24 Which fruit has Custard in its name?
4:33 Which Flowers begins with M?
4:39 Which flower rhymes with nose?
4:50 What is the first letter of the Alphabet set?
5:01 How many letters are there in the English alphabet?
5:13 Which fruits gives us oil?
5:22 What does a doctor use?
5:28 What do you call the person who dresses your hair?
5:36 Who puts out fire?
5:45 Who uses a fire engine?
5:54 Which fruit is rich in vitamin C?
6:05 Apples are rich in
6:12 What comes between Wednesday and Friday?
6:25 How many months do we have in a year?
6:53 How many months have 31 days?
7:18 What doesn't belong to the consonant family?
7:33 What do we use emails for?
7:42 How many toes do you have?
8:07 Which part of the plant is tasty?
8:19 Name the beautiful part of the plant.
8:42 carries baby plant?
8:55 What does a flower change into?
9:05 Who gives energy to the plant?
9:19 How many months start with letter A?
9:34 How many days are there in a year?
9:43 What does caterpillar changes into?
9:56 Where does a caterpillar sleep?
10:04 Which animals say roar?
10:12 Which farm animal says Neigh?
10:20 Which wild animal has black and yellow stripes?
10:34 Which is the largest bird and cannot fly?
10:46 Which bird gives biggest egg?
10:54 What animal says quack?
11:01 Which animal is known as the ship of the desert?
11:16 Which animal has long neck?
11:26 Which animal has a trunk?
11:36 Who is the fastest land animal?
11:45 Where does Honey come from?
11:55 Which is the biggest sea animal?
12:05 Which animal has a long sticky tongue?
12:16 How do you travel faraway places?
12:25 What goes up when the rain comes down?
12:36 Where from the plant does get the minerals and water ?
12:46 Where does a horse live?
12:57 Which animal has a hump on its back?
13:09 Where does a dog live?
13:18 Name two forms of water?
13:37 What are the colour in national flag of India?
13:50 We breathe with our ?
13:58 Which is the largest planet in our Solar system?
14:11 Lion's baby is called?
14:17 Which animal likes to eat bone?
14:29 Which Colour starts with G?
14:40 How many elbows we have?
14:48 What is the national Animal
14:59 What is the National bird of
15:10 One decade is equal to ?
15:20 What is capital city of India?
15:31 What is the national flower of India?
15:41 Where does the sun rise from?
15:53 Where do you see a rainbow?
16:05 Which country is called the land of the rising sun ?
16:19 Which type of clothes do you wear in winter?
16:31 Name two plants that have thorns?
16:45 Which animal has a mane?
16:57 Which animal is called the king of the forest?
17:08 Which bird likes to eat chilies.
17:18 Which insect makes a web?
17:29 Name the animal which sleeps for 6 months?
17:38 Where does wool come from?
17:45 Name a sea creature with 8 legs?
17:57 How many zeros are there in 1 Lakh ?
18:16 Where does paper come from?
18:25 A place where lots of wild animals are kept?
18:39 A picture that shows only your bones?
18:49 A shape with 10 sides are called ?

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