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10 Rarest CAT Breeds In The World

Pet Room

Meet the top 10 rarest cats in the world.

Do you know any rare cat breeds? There are a large number of rare cat breeds and we based our list on information provided by the CFA; these are the rarest cat breeds in the world.

Number 10: Turkish Angora
Turkish Angora come from Turkey, and are recognized by their characteristic silky white coat. The earliest written records that mention the Turkish Angora come from 16th century France.

Number 9: American Bobtail
The American Bobtail was a naturally occurring feral cat that was not selectively bred until the late 1960s.

Number 8: European Burmese.
In general, All Burmese cats originated from a single cat, Wong Mau, who was the first Burmese brought to the United States in 1930.

Number 7: Chartreux.
The Chartreux is a rare breed of cat from France that is thought to have ancient origins.

Number 6: Korat.
The Korat is an ancient breed from Thailand and the earliest known records of the cat in The CatBook of Poems, which was written during the 14th century.

Havana Browns:
Havana Browns were purposely developed in the early 1950s in England, by a group of British cat fanciers.

Number 4: Burmilla.
The Burmilla originated in the United Kingdom in 1981 when a Chinchilla Persian male accidentally had kittens with a Lilac Burmese female.

Number 3: LaPerm.
LaPerms are known for their very curly fur, which comes in a variety of colors and patterns.

Number 2: Turkish Van.
Turkish van is an ancient breed that developed in Turkey and has existed there for centuries.

Number 1: American Wirehair.
The American Wirehair is a unique breed that began as a random mutation in a litter of six domestic shorthair kittens born on Council Rock Farm in Verona, New York.
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