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10 Rare Cat Breeds

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In today's video, we're going to talk about the 10 Rare Cat Breeds.

Who’s the rarest cat of all? According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, all pedigreed cats can be considered rare. In fact, the CFA estimates just two to four percent of owned cats have pedigrees.

But while cat lovers can recognize a Siamese with ease, or pick a Persian out of a lineup, the characteristics of more exotic felines elude us. Joan Miller, who chairs the CFA’s Outreach and Education, and who’s judged rare cats at shows nationwide, graciously gave us a crash course highlighting 10 special breeds.

American Wirehair.

Intelligent and highly adaptable, the American Wirehair is an American original, with a completely unique wired coat. The American Wirehair has a relaxed, loving, sweet personality, making her an ideal companion for families with children and other pets. This breed is playful, but also laid back, and keenly interested in her surroundings.

Although happy as lap cats, Wirehairs also enjoy their independence. They are considered moderately talkative and are enthusiastic purrers. The American Wirehair is distinguished from other breeds by her wiry, dense coat, described as feeling like steel wool or lamb’s wool. There are several degrees of wiriness, varying from spiked to curly, with the individual hairs being crimped, hooked, or bent.

American Bobtail.

The American Bobtail is an athletic breed that looks like a bobtailed wildcat and has many doglike tendencies. Despite their somewhat wild appearance, American Bobtails are devoted companion cats who fit perfectly into families. Social and easygoing, they get along well with children and other fourlegged pets.

Confident and friendly, Bobtails are highly intelligent pets with doglike personalities. They love games like fetch and hideandseek and even enjoy walking on a leash with their people. American Bobtail bears a distinct resemblance to a bobtailed wildcat. From her markings and alert, hunter’s gaze to her short, expressive tail, her appearance suggests a scaleddown version of that wild cat.


The Burmilla is a cat of medium build, thanks to the Burmese blood in its ancestry. In Asians like the Burmilla, the female is much smaller and daintier than the male. The Burmilla is less boisterous than a Burmese but less laidback than a Chinchilla. This cat loves attention and needs to be part of the family. They can be quite demanding and often follow their owners around the house crying for attention.

If spoken to they often appear to understand and answer. They can be very sensitive to their owner's feelings and this makes them excellent companions. They are generally good with children and when fed up with the rough and tumble of play with human children will stalk off until peace resumes.


The Korat cat breed's coat is short, glossy, and fine and lies close to its body. It comes in just one color that is a shade of bluetipped with silver. The nose leather, lips, and paw pads are dark bluegrey or lavender. It is similar to the Russian Blue cat in appearance, but has a single rather than a double coat, is more rounded in shape, and has peridot green rather than emerald eyes. Korat cats have a quiet, sweet nature but are very intelligent and playful. They make ideal household pets and can be devoted to their human companions.

Havana Brown.

The Havana is distinguished by his uncommon head shape; it’s longer than it is wide. The Havana Brown’s distinctive color extends even to his whiskers. He is the only cat with a breed standard that spells out whisker color: brown, of course, complementing the coat color.

The rich tobaccocolored cat known as the Havana Brown may or may not be named for the addictive leaf, but the cats themselves are addictive to the people who come to know them. They are outgoing and friendly. Expect one to follow you around the house as you go about your day.

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