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10 Most Dangerous Reptiles In The World!

Epic Wildlife

From the weirdest and most dangerous turtle in the world to the lesser known tree crocodile, here are ten of the most dangerous reptiles ever.

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10: Mata Mata Turtle
The mata mata turtle is probably the weirdest turtle in the world. This thing comes from deep in the Amazon basin of South America, as well as the Orinoco basin, and it is an extremely dangerous creature. Don't let its bizarre appearance fool you.

9: Komodo Dragon
Let's move on to something a little more threatening. The Komodo dragon is the biggest and meanest dragon that we currently have on our planet. These things are huge, they have horrible attitudes, and they are basically mini Godzilla babies that are not afraid to attack human people.

8: King Cobra
King cobras are ridiculously dangerous. There are some lizards on this list because lizards are cool and everyone likes talking about them, but even the mighty Komodo dragon has nothing on a king cobra. These snakes are feared for a very good reason.

7: Saltwater Crocodile
The saltwater crocodile is definitely a reptile you don't want to mess with. In fact, staring directly into the jaws of a crocodile would probably be the last thing you ever saw. Their powerful jaws are able to snap your bones like twigs.

6: Alligator Snapping Turtle
When it comes to your fingers, the alligator snapping turtle is probably the most dangerous reptile. These turtles can't kill you, but if you are silly enough to try and pick one up it could very well bite off your nose or bite off your finger.

5: Gila Lizard
The Gila monster is definitely not as threatening as the Komodo dragon or the saltwater crocodile, but it is still a poisonous monster that is best avoided. In fact, there are two types of venomous lizards in North America, the Gila monster and the Mexican beaded lizard.

4: Black Mamba
The black mamba is one of the most dangerous reptiles in the world, and by many experts is considered to be the world's deadliest snake. They are found only in Africa, and are luckily very shy creatures. They never seek out human interaction, making them less likely to bite you. But if you do get bit, their venom is 100% lethal.

3: Black Caiman
The black caiman is kind of like a crocodile and kind of like an alligator. Well, it's more like an alligator. It's a unique animal that lives in the Amazon rainforest and is extremely elusive. Of course, this reptile is carnivorous, and it is not something you would want to mess with.

2: Green Anaconda
The king cobra may be the longest venomous snake in the world, but it really doesn't even compare to the glorious green anaconda. Green anacondas are the largest snakes on the planet without dispute. These things are massive.

1: Tree Crocodile
There is a reptile known as the tree crocodile and it is an absolute menace. It's more commonly known as the crocodile monitor, and it's recognized as being one of the longest lizards on earth. It has an extremely long head and neck, a very thick tail that is twice longer than its body, and it's recognizable because of its yellow and green dots.

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