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10 Cutest Exotic Animals You Cannot Own As Pets

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10 Cutest Exotic Animals You Cannot Own As Pets
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Spoiler alert for you adventurous petkeepers out there: this video could potentially kill your dreams.
The internet and YouTube have given rise to some of the cutest and most exotic animal videos from all over the world––many of which we would love to keep as pets.
But is it even possible to keep most of these animals in our backyard, let alone inside our homes? Let’s find out, as we count down the 10 Cutest Baby Animals You Cannot Own as Pets. Welcome to another episode of 4 Ever Green, and just in case your dream animal comes up in today’s video, we’ve got you covered with a few neat replacements.
Let’s get into it.

Animals That Are Illegal to Own As Pets:

Pygmy Jerboa 00:37​
Finger Monkeys 01:41​
Snowy Owl 03:02​
Sand Cat 03:47​
Red Panda 04:48​
Slow Loris 05:48​
Cheetah 06:53​
Penguin 08:04​
Snow Leopard 08:58​
Platypus 10:00​

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