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1 Hour CUTEST CAT PURRING By This Baby KITTEN | Relaxation | ASMR for Sleep

Olivia Kissper

Can't decide between meditating and bingewatching movies? Try my highly appraised creation, MINDFLIX! Immersive, lifechanging healing journey with elements of ASMR: https://mindflix.watch/ Looking for Olivia Kissper’s old ASMR videos? Available only here: https://payhip.com/OliviaKissperASMR
You can find a collection of roleplays, hair & massage asmr and healing and spa asmr videos in the nostalgic tingles. These include cranial nerve asmr videos, hair and scalp massaging, roleplays with glove reiki asm, tingly torture for relaxation asmr, doctor and novice nurse relaxation, and also favorite asmr including spa videos, personal attention, hair brushing asmr, binaural sounds asmr, asmr for anxiety and sleep and many others.

Subscribe to Olivia Kissper’s channel to delve into a unique blend of softspoken guided meditations, transformative hypnosis, enlightening nonduality meditations for sleep, asmr, and psychedelic journeys tailored for profound relaxation and sleep. With mindaltering audio and visuals, our offerings transcend the ordinary, leading you on an immersive voyage beyond the self. Experience the tranquility and the mesmerizing wonders as your stresses dissolve in this auditory and visual tapestry.

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