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Cats go in just looking at the box?

그루밍데이 고양이cat vlog

How far will cats love the box? We prepared boxes by size for cats.

#cats #kitten #funnycat
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Introducing the Groomming Day cat

CAT Name: Cobi (Munchkin)
Features: Cute, heavy eater 
What I like: Berry

CAT Name: Berry (British Shorthair gold)
Characteristic: pretty, affable
What I like: nap

Music provided by 브금대통령
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Track : 꿈의 왈츠 https://youtu.be/xZLI501Riw
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Track : 나는야 장난꾸러기 https://youtu.be/MYLjqNApdTE

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Song : 샛별 해가 지는 게 섭섭해 / https://youtu.be/P__K_qrsHoM
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Song : 샛별 Love me! / https://youtu.be/iquF_LLIkFs

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