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Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution
Oldschool, traditional, ineffective dog training methods are a thing of the past! Join me, Zak George, and my wife Bree as we explore fresh, scientificallybacked approaches to training that are easy, effective, and most importantly, put your dog’s emotional wellbeing front and center.

Whether you're just starting or have years of experience, there's something here for everyone who’s curious about dogs and training. From howto training guides to deep dives into dog psychology, we've got it all.

We believe in positive reinforcement, not just for dogs, but for our viewers too. You’ll leave each of our videos feeling motivated and optimistic about working with your dog.

Subscribe to get a fresh perspective on dog training that's really effective, because it’s based on actual evidence and compassion for our dogs.

Join the conversation, share your insights, and be part of a community that values critical thinking and growth, for ourselves and our dogs! See you in the comments!

posted by Ishiwatas7