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【Miaouへようこそ】 8匹の子猫から日々の生活の動画をお届けしています 毎日動画を12:00公開。(月~木は過去の動画、金・土・日・祝は猫部屋の猫達の成長日記です) 365日 約24時間ライブ配信もしています。(猫部屋の掃除・メンテナンス時は停止しています) 人間がそばにいない時の猫たちの様子がライブで見られます。 *猫は活発で気まぐれな生き物ですので、常にカメラの前にいるとは限りません チャンネル登録お願い致します Welcome to Miaou, a channel for true cat lovers! Our videos feature everyday life of 8 cute cats. Some are inspiring chronicle of how each cat was saved and settled in their loving home, and others feature their peaceful life in Miaou’s Cat Room: rascal kittens playing around, cuddling each other, relaxing purrs, and more. All revenues such as advertisements will be used for activities for rescued cats. We upload original new videos every day from Himeji,Japan. We also do the occasional LIVE STREAM here on You Tube. You can watch what cats are doing when they are alone, which all the cat lovers have ever wondered. *Cats are frisky and moody creature so they are not always in front of the camera. Please subscribe. Thank you.

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