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Jackie Hill Perry

Jackie Hill Perry

A captivating voice in christian culture, Jackie Hill Perry shares her profound journey through unwavering authenticity. Raised in St. Louis, Missouri, she navigated a tumultuous path of selfdiscovery, ultimately finding her voice through poetry and hiphop, mediums that allowed her to delve into faith, struggles, and victories.

As a speaker, author, and musical talent, Jackie's artistry goes beyond entertainment. Her words carry purpose, intertwining the complexities of life, faith, and culture. Drawing from personal experiences of redemption, she delivers a message of hope and healing to a world in need.

A newly signed artist with Reach Records, Atlanta based independent hip hop label, she begins yet another momentous chapter in her career. Continuing to challenge norms and inspire hearts, Jackie invites listeners to grapple with doubt, embrace grace, and discover the transformative love of the one and only Savior, Jesus.

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