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Furry Feline Facts

Furry Feline Facts
Hey guys! This is Furry Feline Facts: A Purrrfect catalogue of Catstats!

All kitties are different, they have their own unique personalities and that’s why we love them! No matter how many cups they knock off your table, they’ll always be your grumpy, sassy, little friend.

Kittens can be hard to please, and we’re not sure who owns who. They’re always demanding one thing or another, everything except cucumbers!

YouTube is full of millions of viral videos of cats being the weird and wonderful creatures that they are. Whether it’s a ginger, marmalade, Persian, sphynx or even just the plain old domesticated house cat at Furry Feline Facts, we aren’t kitten around. In fact, we even adore our big cat cousins! If you’re a fan of a Leopard, Tiger, Lion, Puma, Panther or Jaguar, we got you covered as well!

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