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Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson
I make CONTENT for CREATORS. The goal of this channel is to help YOU level up your video skills & online influence!

Business: I’ve been a full time content creator since 2015. I have worked on a wide range of projects including photography, video production, graphic design, and web design. I own a wedding photo/video business and a social media agency. I love to create, and am passionate about sharing what I have learned with others!

Personal: I am a follower of Jesus. I am married to the most amazing woman ever. I am located in Atlanta, GA. I love my family, my church, and my awesome cat Luna. I enjoy skateboarding, writing music, and playing fortnite.

My content focuses on gear reviews, skillful tutorials, behind the scenes, and honest podcasts.

The motto of this channel is: STAY CREATIVE. I believe that there is someone out there that needs the content you are going to create, the community you’re going to build, and the message that you’re going to share!

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