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Hello! Welcome to 1Tale4Paws, where our goal is to show you how to "Live Life with Your Pets" as well as show you how to properly care for your Ferrets, Parrots, Cats, and Dogs.

We love our pets, camping, hiking, and adventures, and fulltime RV with our Ferrets, Parrots, Dogs and Cats. We really believe in giving our pets the best life possible! We love sharing videos of our Adventures with our Pets, Camping with Pets, Hiking with Pets, Pet Training Tips, and informative videos about pet care and education, as well as the occasional product review of pet products we love!

We're Fred & Liz, Husband and Wife, and Best Friends who really enjoy Living Our Lives with Our Pets! We hope to encourage and inspire others to give their pets the best lives ever!

Kreacher: Sable ♂
Winky: Silver ♂
Hagrid: Champagne ♂
Poncho: Green Wing Macaw ?
Maxine (Max): Blue & Gold Macaw ♀
Sunny: Conure ♀
Midnight: Black ♂
Loki: Gray ♂
Jezabelle: Mutt ♀
Selene: Border Collie ♀

posted by hleypum6u