Two Kittens Are Rescued By A Pretty Cool Guy

The Dodo
When this hero heard two kittens crying for help, way up in a tree, he immediately ran home and got the right tools for this incredible rescue. Video by: Daniel Rodriguez de la Viuda Special thanks to Cristea Flavius for awesome kitten rescue: Love animals? Watch more videos from The Dodo: Subscribe to The Dodo channel: Follow The Dodo! Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Watch our Snapchats: Love our Instagram: Reblog us on Tumblr: Check us out on Pinterest: For the love of animals. Pass it on. Piglet Melts Hearts Wherever She Goes. Rescuing Newborn Kittens. Crying Kittens Rescued from Under Walmart Refrigerator. Rescue Kittens Rehab. Woman Finds Trash Bag Moving In The Road. Hike ends with surprise kitten rescue. Rescue: 4 Kittens and Mother Buried under Trees after several Tornado's rip through Southern Tier NY. Adorable, Friendly Stray Cat. Kittens first Box! Ziggy the Runt Kitten is my Bestie :). Rescue kitten with a broken paw. Cat Brothers Are Constantly Causing Trouble, But Their Parents Love Them For It. I am so Loved by 4 Week Old Foster Kittens and their Momma! *Eyes are Changing Color!*. Baby Koala Found All Alone Is So Happy Now. Newborn rescue kitten. Kitten befriending a cameraman.

by The Dodo