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1. Abissin
2. American curl longhair
3. American curl shorthair
4. American wirehair
5. Turkish Angora
6. Balinese cat
7. Bengala cat
8. Blue Russian
9. American bobtail
10. Japanese bobtail
11. Bombay
12. British shortair
13. Burmese cat
14. Burmilla cat
15. California spangled
16. Certosino cat
17. Cornish Rex
18. Cymric
19. Devon Rex
20. Donskoy
21. Exotic
22. European cat
23. German Rex
24. Himalayan
25. Korat
26. Maine Coon
27. Manx
28. Egyptian Mau
29. Norwegian forest cat
30. Ocicat
31. Eastern cat
32. Persian
33. Ragdoll
34. Holy Birman cat
35. Scottish Fold
36. Siamese cat
37. Siberian cat
38. Singapura cat
39. Snowshoe
40. Somali cat
41. Sphynx
42. Thai
43. Tonkinese cat
44. Turkish Van
45. Sorian cat (half-breed)

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