The Best Long Haired Cat Breeds

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If you don't agree with our list leave a comment with your opinion! :) The Best Long Haired Cat Breeds -- 13. American Curl 12. Selkirk Rex 11. Turkish Van 10. Turkish Angora 9. Persian 8. Balinese 7. Somali 6. Domestic longhaired cat 5. Birman 4. Siberian 3. Maine Coon 2. Ragdoll 1. Norwegian Forest Cat 7 Hypoallergenic Cats. Basic grooming for long haired cats. DSCF9254.AVI maine coon cats & turkish angora. Siberian kitten on a walk. CATS 101 - Ragdoll [ENG]. Shaving matts out of a long haired cat. Cats demanding petting Compilation. Mom Cat Talking to her Cute Meowing Kittens 20 min BONUS Video. TOP 10 Cutest Cat Breeds In THE WORLD!!! Kitten Afraid to Climb | Too Cute! You’re Petting Your Cat All Wrong! The 10 most popular cat breeds. Ideal Companion: Ragdoll. Kitten Evolution - The Gibbyson. Balinese Cat.

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