Siamese Cat Family in Action!

Harun K
These siamese cats are the cutest things you will ever see. Siamese cats are very smart, playful, and vocal. They are also low maintenance since they have a short, fine coat of fur and shed very little. They get trained very easily to go to the litter box and to scratch where they are supposed to. Siamese cats are extremely friendly with family, friends, and pets, and love to be active. You can even train them to fetch. I hope you enjoy this video! Special credits to Cem Guler for shooting the video. His Facebook page: SIAMESE CAT HAS HUMAN CONVERSATION ARGUING WITH OWNER. Smart kitten Duster: me playing fetch with my cat. Fat Siamese cat asks for attention. Clicker Training: '3 Reasons to own a Siamese Cat'. Personality Siamese cat breed. All my three sweet Siamese cat (s) - Alle meine drei süßen Siamkatze (n). Siamese kitten adopts baby bird! Cute Siamese Kitten sleeping with her Dog. Siamese Cat Funny Compilation Videos 2 ♥. Smart Roomba Cat writes CATS 101. Super AWESOME!!! (Original speed). Cute Lynx Point Siamese Kitten attacks a Fox. ENORMOUS Maine Coon Cat Sean Coonery Talking. Our Siamese Cats at Shower Time. Super chill cat rides on the back of horse friend. Oriental siamese kitten talking with food. Omnomnom...

by Harun K