Sam (Talkative Oriental Cat) likes to hear himself talk.

Scott Wagner
Very talkative Oriental Cat loves to hear himself on cell phone. @i_m_sam_urai Oriental Cat talking. Oriental and siamese cats. Sam loves the sound of his voice! ориентал отвечает. Oriental Cat Playing 'Fetch' With Her Teddy. Talking - Oriental Siamese Cats. Oriental Shorthair Cats Saying Hello. Is it a real cat? Oriental shorthair by ELLUNHUOPA. Dora the chatty oriental cat. ориентал беседует. Talking oriental siamese kitten Tihon. Oriental siamese kitten talking with food. Omnomnom... ORIENTAL CAT DISCOVERS CLOCK. Crazy talking Oriental shorthair cat. Cute Oriental Kittens for Science! // Life Fantastic 2013 CHRISTMAS LECTURES.

by Scott Wagner