NEW Kittens!

Cole and Marmalade
3 Kittens Rescued! - I recently helped a friend of the family trap these semi-feral kittens that lived around her property, their mum hadn't been seen for two weeks, and the cold weather is here in Illinois, so when she contacted me, I borrowed some kitten traps and headed out there FAST!

I'm so glad we managed to trap all 3 kittens the same day and get them back to our place to keep them safe and warm :)

*Check out my second channel, where I'll be posting updates on the kittens as well as other vlogs, shorter CAM clips and general cat stuff for your viewing pleasure -

Special thanks to Helping Paws Animal Shelter: --- They went above and beyond to help us with the kittens and find a fosterer for them on short notice… We launched a Cole & Marmalade Christmas sock campaign to help cover the costs of vaccinations and surgeries for the kittens, 100% of the proceeds will be donated back to the shelter - Check them out here:


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