Mother cat with kittens and two feral puppy in the bushes

Robin Seplut
Mother cat with kittens and two feral puppy in the bushes. Today, as usual, I feed the cats and kittens in the street and met a young puppies who were born in the basement. Link annotation: Donation Link paypal: Catching stray kittens. Cats Meeting Babies for the First Time Compilation 2015. Children Discover Abandoned, Newborn Kittens in The Bushes, What They Do Next Makes Them Heroes. Cat meeting the puppies for the first time. Feeding Foster Kittens Is Fun Noisy Work! Kitty Hunting 101. Cat meows and two cute cats want food. White cat with blue eyes waiting for me. Mom Cat Adopts Chick,Bunny,Puppy || Feeding them as Her own kittens. Kitten Evolution - The Gibbyson. Cat Lovers Get Surprised By A Box Of Kittens. Cute Cheetah Cub Actually Picks Puppy To Help Him Recover From Pneumonia. Cat loses kittens, then adopts and nurses a litter of puppies! Rescuing a Feral Kitten in NYC. Cat returned to his family.

by Robin Seplut

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