Lotus Flower (Siamese) & Tingeling (Oriental) kittens

Louis Azcarate
Here is a short video of Lotus Flower (Seal Point Siamese) and Tingeling (Cinnamon Smoke Oriental) She had sever kittens. All are doing fantastic. 3 out of seven have been reserved. I have 3 Ebony's and 1 Blue available. All of them are friendly, happy and healthy kittens. Elvenpride Wilwarin Arfen. Oriental kittens. Tinker Bell (Swedish - Tingeling). Black Desert Online - upgrading alchemy stone. котяра восточный ориентал. Singapura cat purring & talking. Oriental and siamese cats. Oriental Cat Playing 'Fetch' With Her Teddy. Tingeling taget av Simon. Oriental and Siamese cats. Talking Siamese Kitten. LOL)) Cat Dandy asks if he should do what the man says! Cinnamon Smoke Oriental Shorthair Male Kitten. Jazzy the blue point Siamese kitten. Oriental kitten for sale.

by Louis Azcarate