Lotus Flower (Siamese) & Tingeling (Oriental) kittens

Louis Azcarate
Here is a short video of Lotus Flower (Seal Point Siamese) and Tingeling (Cinnamon Smoke Oriental) She had sever kittens. All are doing fantastic. 3 out of seven have been reserved. I have 3 Ebony's and 1 Blue available. All of them are friendly, happy and healthy kittens. ориентал отвечает. Oriental Shorthair talking. Singapura cat purring & talking. LOL)) Cat Dandy asks if he should do what the man says! Dear Kitten. Tingeling - Mountain trip. Felix the Siamese Blue Point plays Fetch. Oriental cat tears off another cat's fur _ Ориентальная кошка выдерает шерсть у кота. Jazzy the blue point Siamese kitten. Oriental shorthair kittens - ebony and havana boys with their classic tabby mum. Talking - Oriental Siamese Cats. highlander cat breed. Lily Singapura Kitten - Learns Paw! Instructional Video! (Smallest Cat Breed in the World!). Oriental and Siamese cats. Young oriental and siamese cats.

by Louis Azcarate