Lotus Flower (Siamese) & Tingeling (Oriental) kittens

Louis Azcarate
Here is a short video of Lotus Flower (Seal Point Siamese) and Tingeling (Cinnamon Smoke Oriental) She had sever kittens. All are doing fantastic. 3 out of seven have been reserved. I have 3 Ebony's and 1 Blue available. All of them are friendly, happy and healthy kittens. My Slideshow. EBONY ORIENTAL AND BRITISH BLUE. Male Siamese cat meeting 5-week old kittens. Cinnamon Smoke Oriental Shorthair Male Kitten. Charlie the Highlander kitten playing with cat toy. Cat Lovers Get Surprised By A Box Of Kittens. Kitten Evolution - The Gibbyson. BEST 2 HOUR LONG FUNNY CAT COMPILATION - BIGGEST VIDEO of Funny Kitty Cat Fails & Kitten Moments. Conversation with my cat. Onyx and firebird kittens 028. Squeezable Siamese kittens, 6 weeks! Rare Odd Eyed Cat - Khao Manee cat - 2 color eye cat. Dear Kitten. Our Siamese Cats at Shower Time. highlander cat breed.

by Louis Azcarate