Lotus Flower (Siamese) & Tingeling (Oriental) kittens

Louis Azcarate
Here is a short video of Lotus Flower (Seal Point Siamese) and Tingeling (Cinnamon Smoke Oriental) She had sever kittens. All are doing fantastic. 3 out of seven have been reserved. I have 3 Ebony's and 1 Blue available. All of them are friendly, happy and healthy kittens. Mirabella's kittens and Orientals 172. 2 week old siamese/oriental kittens. Talking - Oriental Siamese Cats. Jazzy the blue point Siamese kitten. Our Siamese Cats at Shower Time. Siamese and Oriental Shorthair kittens Tiffany and Prince 2016 (part 4). Oriental Shorthair talking. Oriental shorthair kittens - ebony and havana boys with their classic tabby mum. Cat Breed Spotlight: Oriental. Pink's Litter sired by Tabasco (Cinnamon Point) Russian Import. Pink and her kittens born 2/9/17. Lily Singapura Kitten - Learns Paw! Instructional Video! (Smallest Cat Breed in the World!). TALKING ORIENTAL CAT KILLS OFFICE CHAIR !!! Phoenix (Ebony Oriental Male). These Two Cats Are Best Friends.

by Louis Azcarate