Kitty Cate Talks To AND Nurses Her Kittens

The Kits Cats
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We fostered Kitty Cate & her 6 beautiful kittens, Rex & Little Bear (black kittens), Abbey & Artemas (tabbies) and Bonnie & Clive (white tabbies), in 2013 for VOKRA after an abandoned and pregnant Cate was rescued from the street. The kittens were adopted in pairs into fabulous forever homes and Cate got a great home too, for more of their videos please click on the following links: Kitty Cate Talks To Her Kittens, Again! 29 Cute Kitten Videos Compilation 2016. A Den Of Purring Kittens. People Who Hate Cats Meet Kittens. 'Kittens Sleeping in Hands Compilation' || CFS. Befriending angry kittens ! Thunder - The Most Belly Rub Lovin' Cat Ever! 5 Tiny Homeless Kittens. Rescuing Chloe, a Paralyzed Kitten. WARNING: You may DISLOCATE YOUR JAW FROM LAUGHING - Best FUNNY CAT videos. Basket of Meowing Kittens. 10 Kittens 1st day outside! Kitty Cate & Her Kittens - Vlog 1. These Screams Of Joy,The Kitten's Emotional Story-Animal Rescue (2017). Cupcake The Beautiful Luv Bug Cat.

by The Kits Cats