Is it a real cat? Oriental shorthair by ELLUNHUOPA.

These are probably the most realistic needle felted cat we've ever seen! More of my work you can find at, instagramm @ellunhuopa and facebook Siamese Cat VS Oriental Shorthair Cat - 101. Oriental cat Audrey talking. Ориентальная кошка Одри говорит. #188 貓 Needle Felted Cat by dollmofee creations. Talking Oriental cat. Oriental kittens. Oriental shorthair kittens - ebony and havana boys with their classic tabby mum. Oriental shorthair wants food. Oriental shorthair meow. Blue oriental cat begging for ham. Happy Paw Dance - Oriental Shorthair Cat 'Yuri Belmont'. Oriental cat talking. A day in the life of oriental cat Ostap. Oriental shorthair kitten girl Esther. Oriental Shorthair Cat Breed. baby oriental shorthair cats three weeks old.

by Ellunhuopa