Feral Cats Are Freezing

Animal Planet
With freezing temperatures having already claimed the lives of two kittens, Jackson has to pull out all the stops to help a father and son deal with the feral cat population in their neighborhood. #MyCatFromHell My Cat From Hell SATURDAY 8/7C http://www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/my-cat-from-hell/ Subscribe to Animal Planet: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=animalplanettv Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnimalPlanet Follow Animal Planet on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AnimalPlanet Taming a feral cat. Sweet Pea Isn't So Sweet. Kitten trapped in storm drain and crying for help is rescued. Cats Hunting Compilation – Why Do Domestic Cats Still Hunt? Kitty Hunting 101. Rescuing a Feral Kitten in NYC. How to Make a Feral Cat Shelter. Man Turns His House Into Indoor Cat Playland and Our Hearts Explode. How Long Do Outdoor Cats Live? 11 cats? 10 cats can't stop thinking about Feral cat 野良仔猫が気になって仕方がない猫たち. Feral Cat Hunting Skills - Stray Cat Best Hunting Video. Catching the neighbours cat. Funny Cats and Cute Kittens Playing Compilation for laugh ! Stray cat being petted, enjoys it for the very first time. How To Feed 100+ Feral Cats.

by Animal Planet