Dr. Elsy's CFA International Cat Show, 2016 - Manx Class Judging

Jean Brown
All breed cat show, held in Novi, Michigan, November 19 - 20, 2016 Videos of Manx class judging, and Purple Show Best Of The Best, Premiership TICA Cat Show Judging. CFA World Show 2014, Larry Adkison longhair kitten final. GrCh Rhamjoge Better Believe It in Rachel Anger's ring at the CFA 2011 National Show. Manx Cat Cats and Kittens. K Cats CFA Show 2016 - Kuwait. CFA Cat Show, Spartanburg, SC, 2014 - Manx Judging. CFA International Cat Show 2015 - Best of the Best. CFA World Show 2014, Other breed kittens, Purple Show set 1. Persian class judging, Purple Show, CFA International 2015 - Set 1. 3rd International Cat Show 2016 - 2.21 MinHQ. Simpsonville CFA Cat Show - August 4, 2012. CFA SW Region Cat Show 2016. Championship class judging, Purple Show, CFA International 2015. Manx Judging at National Capital CFA Show, Chantilly, VA, Sept. 6-7, 2014. CFA Cat Show - Cotton States 75th Anniversary, 2013 MANX JUDGING.

by Jean Brown