Manx Cat meets Hedgehog (Odin watches)

Odin the German Shepherd
Winston the Manx kitten SUPRISE HEDGEHOG BIRTH. Newborn Kittens Stranded alone on the Beach in Ecuador. Silly Manx cat playing. Beagle meets hedgehog. A big cute Manx cat. Funny creature! Grillin' with Odin. Ferus (the Manx cat) giving High Five. Why Manx Cats Are Best Cats. KITTEN MEETS HEDGEHOG. Home Remodel with Odin. Playful Kitten & Jack Russell Terrier. Kitten Meet Hedgehog Cutest Compilation 2016. Manx Cat on Isle of Man. Newborn Baby Kitten. Stumpy eating peas and corn (hedgehog with 3 legs).